He’s a breath of fresh air. His shit is genius. This dude’s a rhyming animal. I feel like he’s going to be one of the most important writers of our time as we watch him go forward. Without a question, you can already see that.

The love he has from the game is so large that he can almost mumble on the record and it’s going to be in rhythm and it’s going to be next level. There’re so many single artists that the album artist just holds up as a whole different kind of value. And he’s that kind of guy.

Nas talks with Complex about Kendrick Lamar and following up a classic album (via thechanelmuse)

Today is promising

Finally getting the hang of this job and started getting my own projects to do. I’ll finally be able to go off abd experiment with all this shit I can do.

I was also able to finally get back into feeling like myself. I see the changes are sticking abd it’s not just physical. I feel better in my own skin, following through with my thoughts. I can say I can decipher where all my thoughts have come from as of late.

Also, there are some new people in my life that in a brief time have allowed me to be myself. They just makes things easy. Making me remember how I was some ~8 months ago. It feels good to have someone to bounce things off of, and will legit listen. I don’t need the advice just to be heard. I already know what I need do, so it’s nice that they won’t tell me what to do and how to go about it.

Fuck I’m off topic lol today’s just gonna be great. Looking forward to the gym since I’ve started seeing a few things tighten up. Forming good habits, staying in this mindset.